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The best solution for ventilated facades

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Thermal insulation (polyurethane)

Isotec Parete has an inner core in closed-cell rigid polyurethane foam with a density of 38 kg/m3; this material is currently one of the best thermal insulators in existence. The available thicknesses of the Isotec Parete panel, depending on the thermal performances of the cover, allow meeting the minimum requirements for any climate zone. The combined insulating and ventilating system plays an active role in energy efficiency, reducing heat loss in winter and cooling costs in summer.

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Thermal Resistance

Thermal resistance (Rt) takes into account the actual thicknesses of the panels and provides a clear value of the resistance of the insulation to heat exchange. Its value is obtained by dividing the thickness of the insulation in metres by its conductivity (Rt=s/l) m2K/W. Due to the low conductivity of polyurethane, Isotec Parete provides the highest thermal resistance values available in the market and the lowest cost per unit of thermal resistance.

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Elimination of thermal bridges

The system allows creating an insulating jacket that provides continuous and homogeneous insulation of the building envelope, eliminating thermal bridges and reducing temperature fluctuations.

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The ventilation induced inside the air chamber located between the outer cover and the insulating panel greatly improves the building's natural heat regulating properties. The "chimney effect" generates a continuous flow of rising air inside the ventilation chamber which improves the roof's thermal performance in summer by removing excess heat and allows disposing of any condensation that forms inside the air chamber in the winter months.

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Protection against moisture, humidity and accidental infiltrations

The ventilation reduces the risk of condensation inside the wall, while the facade system forms a protection against accidental infiltrations.

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New buildings and renovations

Isotec Parete can be used in both new buildings and to update and renew existing ones, improving the energy efficiency of the building.

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Maximum compatibility

Isotec Parte can be applied to any kind of structure, whether continuous or discontinuous, and is compatible with all types of facade cladding.

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