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Flexim Roof Mortar

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What is Flexim?

Permanently flexible Flexim is a ready-to-use, stormproof roof tile adhesive that stays flexible.

Flexim is instantly waterproof. Being lightweight and easily pliable, Flexim will retain its shape and will not crack, break or slump like conventional mortars. Flexim's main application is to adhere and seal all perimeters on concrete, clay and slate roofs. However, Flexim can be used for instant repairs as well. Using Flexim, attaching new ridge and hip tiles securely to old roofs is no longer a time consuming problem. Closing and waterproofing valleys with Flexim is done in minutes.

What it Guarantees?

Flexim's incredible bonding strength and resistance against the elements has been proven in several tests, performed by highly recognised test institutes in Europe and the US. Adhesion and elasticy tests, which included intensive weathering trials where conducted using several kinds of tile.

Flexim succesfully passed the US Metro-Dade PA 100-95 protocol a wind driven rain test with simulated 178 km/h (110 MPH) winds.

How it is sold?

One box contains ten ready-to-use strips with a total length of approximately 5 metres (17 linear feet).

The coverage of one box depends on the profile of the tile, ranging from 3 to 5 metres (20 to 44 linear feet, single sided.

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* Because of the size of the pictures the colours are not accurate *

Flexim Red/Terracotta


Flexim Light Brown








Flexim Dark Brown









Flexim Grey









Flexim Black









Flexim Blue (On Order)










Flexim Green (On Order)












Odour: Minimal
Toxicity: NONE
Operating temperature: Tested from -25°C to + 80°C
Corrosion: NONE
Hazard classification: N/A
Fire Auto ignition temperature: > 300°C










Ideal for...

Installing ridge tiles
Installing hip tiles
Closing and sealing of valleys
Installing rakes and gables
Repairing loosened roof tiles
Sealing flashing to roof tiles
Waterproof sealing of corrugated roof.









The final Roof solution...