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HBS is the queen of wood screws. Certified for structural applications, it has a high wood penetration capacity and superior seismic performance.



Among wood screws, choose HBS, the carpentry screw synonymous with guaranteed quality and completeness of range.

Its superior strength makes HBS the preferred torx screw among carpenters.

In carbon steel with bright zinc plated, it is designed for use with solid timber, glulam (Glued Laminated Timber), wood-based panels and high-density woods.

The values are tested, certified and calculated also for application on CLT, Microllam® LVL panels and high-density woods.

The asymmetric “umbrella” threading ensures better wood pull-through. The excellent resistance to failure and yielding of the steel (fy,k = 1000 N/mm2) and its very high torsional strength (ftor,k) make it extremely safe in the screwing stage.

Versatile, its bending angle is 20° greater than standard, certified according to ETA 11/0030. Cyclical SEISMIC-REV tests carried out according to the EN 12512 standard. Seismic performance tested according to EN 14592 standard.

HBS is approved for structural applications subject to stresses in any direction vs. the grain (α = 0° – 90°).

HBS wood screws are applicable in service classes 1 and 2.

They contain no traces of hexavalent chromium and are compliant with the strictest standards governing chemical substances (SVHC).

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6 x 100 mm, 6 x 120 mm, 6 x 140 mm, 6 x 160 mm, 8 x 180 mm, 8 x 200 mm, 8 x 240 mm


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