Cotto Possagno – Portoghese Classica Rossa

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Portoghese Classica Rossa

          Main features

      • Code RP01N

      • Length ~410 mm

      • Width ~250 mm

      • Weight ~3,1 Kg

      • Pieces per m2 ~14,5

      • Longitudinal pitch ~347 mm (± 2)

      • Certification Certificata C.A.M

      • Warranty 10 years



Classic Portuguese

New technologies and innovative tile production methods which stand for a whole tradition in building. The most common format reintroduces the value of experience, revisited from a modern viewpoint.


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1 pc, 128 pcs, 256 pcs


Cotto Possagno

Roof tiles

Roofing tiles produced by Industrie Cotto Possagno represent the natural development of the roofing tile production and mark a new step in the art of roofs constructions inspired by tradition; but produced with the most advanced criteria and technologies. Cotto Possagno offers a wide range of clay roofing tile for every need and aesthetic taste, to satisfy both lovers of tradition and lovers of modernity