Eurovent – AKTIV 3 Vapour Control Membrane ( VCL) 140grm

124.95 inc. Vat

1.50 m x 50 m

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The Eurovent® AKTIV 3 is three – layer active vapour control. Made of two layers of polypropylene nonwoven and functional film which controls the transfer of vapour towards the attic or towards the inside of the building and, if necessary, from the attic to the inside too . The active properties of the membrane consist in supporting moisture removal, which is not ensured by regular vapour barrier films.



The Eurovent® AKTIV vapour control membrane is used in residential and industrial construction as a vapour control layer protecting the attic against excessive moisture penetration from the inside of a room to thermal insulation . Thanks to its active properties , it prevents, among other things, the effect of a “foil bag”, i.e. the formation of fungi and moulds in the attic as a result of excessive moisture . It p rotects structural timber from decay. When installing it, it is strongly recommended to use the Eurovent® DUO adhesive tape to glue subsequent overlaps and to seal joints with the roof construction elements.



  • Active vapour control
  • Tear resistance
  • Heat reflection
  • Fast and easy installation

Vapor barrier - VCL



Eurovent® is a brand which has many years of experience in design, production and distribution of products suitable for insulation and ventilation of sloping roofs as well as for elevations. In our offer you will find over 345 products including roofing membranes, wind barrier, vapour barrier membranes as well as other roof accessories. Moreover, the offer is supplemented with foundation foils constituting vertical and horizontal damp-proof insulation in residential and industrial construction and with window tapes for outside and inside insulation for window and door mounting holes.