Eurovent – TOPBAND Single side tape

11.90 inc. Vat





The single-sided tape Eurovent® TOPBAND is designed for sealing and repairing roof membranes and other polypropylene-based construction materials. Made of polypropylene nonwoven and acrylic dispersion adhesive, the tape protects against the penetration of moisture and wind while retaining the vapour-permeability of the membrane with its breathing surface.





The single-sided tape Eurovent TOPBAND is designed for sealing and repairing roof membranes, housewraps and other polypropylene-based construction materials. Recommended for repairing all kinds of damages such as holes, cuts and installation punctures. Binds with surfaces such as wood, brick and smooth concrete.



  • High adhesive strength
  • Tear resistance
  • Dispersive



Eurovent® is a brand which has many years of experience in design, production and distribution of products suitable for insulation and ventilation of sloping roofs as well as for elevations. In our offer you will find over 345 products including roofing membranes, wind barrier, vapour barrier membranes as well as other roof accessories. Moreover, the offer is supplemented with foundation foils constituting vertical and horizontal damp-proof insulation in residential and industrial construction and with window tapes for outside and inside insulation for window and door mounting holes.