Flexim – Finishing Knife

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Finishing knife

Looking to finish Flexim quickly and professionally? This is the perfect tool!

The Flexim finishing knife has a round point so that the Flexim can be pasted easily along the edges of the tile. Correct finishing is important for proper adhesion of the Flexim to the roofing tile.







Flexim international

The professional construction world has been working with Flexim roof mortar for years and has been the quality product for maintenance, renovation and new construction since 1985! Extremely sustainable and developed from an ecological point of view, with old-fashioned 'green' linseed oil as the main ingredient. In 2016, the milestone of 5 million Flexim-treated roofs has been reached. Flexim International BV is located in Heerhugowaard. Here all incoming orders are produced, packed and prepared for shipment for customers at home and abroad with the utmost care.