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What is Flexim?

Flexim is a ready-to-use roof mortar for fastening ridge tiles and roofing tiles on tiled roofs. It has been successfully used for over 30 years in the repair, renovation and new construction markets.

The primary ingredient of Flexim is a plant material: linseed oil. In addition, Flexim is aesthetically pleasing once installed as it gives the ridge and roof hip a traditional look.

Flexim is packaged in lightweight, ready-to-use strips so that the job on your roof can be performed easily and incredibly quickly.



Why should I use Flexim?

Flexim offers numerous practical and performance benefits:

  • Ready to use and simple to apply
  • Lightweight – safe and easy to take with you onto the roof
  • Time-saving application
  • Instantly waterproof
  • Multifunctional
  • Suitable for application in a wide range of temperatures
  • Available in various colours and can be painted over

 Flexim applications

  • Securing ridge tiles on the roof’s ridge and hip,
  • Securing and supporting tiles in the valley gutter
  • Securing and supporting tiles along roof windows
  • Connection between the ridge tile and chimney
  • Sealing off cracks in lead flashing
  • Filling up the gaps / seams between sections of corrugated roofing


Hip Ridge



Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 12 cm

Black, Dark Brown, Grey, Light Brown, Red


1 pc, Pack of 10 pcs



Flexim international

The professional construction world has been working with Flexim roof mortar for years and has been the quality product for maintenance, renovation and new construction since 1985! Extremely sustainable and developed from an ecological point of view, with old-fashioned 'green' linseed oil as the main ingredient. In 2016, the milestone of 5 million Flexim-treated roofs has been reached. Flexim International BV is located in Heerhugowaard. Here all incoming orders are produced, packed and prepared for shipment for customers at home and abroad with the utmost care.