IKO Enertherm PIR Insulation

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IKO enertherm ALU is a 100 % CFC, HCFC or HFC-free insulation board with a rigid polyisocyanurate foam core, clad on both sides with a multi-layer gastight aluminium complex. This high-quality reflecting ALU cladding consists of no fewer than seven layers, combined into a single complex. It is tested under extreme conditions in respect of water absorption, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and emissivity.


Rooftop: flat roof insulation for timber, concrete and steel deck.

Sarking: pitched roof insulation (type nF with neutral felt).

Floor: floor insulation (underfloor heating and concrete floors).

Wall: cavity wall insulation.

Wrap: outside wall insulation (closed joints).

Comfort: loft insulation.

Comfort Easy: Loft floor insulation.

Thin board thickness, optimum performance

IKO enertherm insulation has the highest performance per m². This means that a higher insulation value is achieved with a thinner board thickness than with other insulation materials (such as EPS, XPS and mineral wool). With IKO enertherm, you therefore make optimum use of the space available on the roof, in the floor or in the cavity.



At around 32 kg/m³, IKO enertherm is a lightweight insulation. This generates ergonomic benefits in the handling of the material.

Dimensionally stable

Better mechanical properties are achieved than with coarser foam because of the fine cell structure. This makes the insulation boards dimensionally stable and the insulating capacity is retained for years


IKO enertherm insulation achieves a fire classification of B class s2, d0 (end use). The board produces very little smoke and does not melt or drip. The fire retardant properties are characteristic of the chemical structure


IKO enertherm has very low water absorption and is rot- and mould-proof. As a result, the insulation value is retained under all conditions.

Less volume

The thinner board thickness of IKO enertherm for the same insulation value compared with other materials means a more limited volume of insulation boards is needed, resulting in lower transport costs.

Additional information


1200 x 600 x 60 mm, 1200 x 600 x 80 mm


6 pcs x 4.32 m2, 8 pcs = 5.76 m2


Iko Enertherm

IKO Insulations

IKO Insulations develops, manufactures and distributes innovative PIR (polyisocyanurate)-based insulation products under the IKO enertherm brand name. The demand for high-performance insulation products for the construction industry is growing all the time. To meet this demand, IKO Insulations is constantly investing in Research & Development, a necessity if it is to make products that keep pushing limits in terms of energy performance and insulation value. Producing a high-quality, cutting-edge products requires a careful balancing act in which materials, form, properties and technology are faultlessly matched to each other according to the final application. This is what sets IKO Insulations apart