OKPOL – Centre-pivot windows

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Centre-pivot windows

Our solutions are valued for effortless elegance, ease of use and pure comfort. The hinge placed in the middle of the leaf length makes it possible to rotate it by 180 °.

Thanks to easy access to the entire glazing surface and individual woodwork elements, the use and maintenance of the window is simple, intuitive and does not require any special equipment. The pivot window can be used with different heights of a knee wall, in roofs with an inclination angle of 15 to 90 °.




The standard of woodwork in our revolving windows

Our wooden windows are synonymous with reliability. Pine lumber is cut and glued in such a way as to maintain its uniform structure – without deformation or knots. Careful impregnation of the finished profiles increases protection against blue stains, fungi and mold.

Wooden pivot windows are painted three times with ecological varnish, which provides protection against the most aggressive effects of external factors.






Seals on our revolving windows

The Q-LON foam gaskets used are a guarantee of excellent mechanical, acoustic and thermal properties in all conditions. Due to the exceptional ease of re-expansion after deformation, gaskets quickly return to their original shape and effectively eliminate the blow-by phenomenon.

OKPOL pivot roof windows are characterized by excellent functioning in both high and low temperatures. In the case of window models with 4 seals, it was possible to achieve the fourth, highest tightness class in terms of air flow.


UW IGOV N22 (PVC) u-value of window
0,83 W/m²K
UG IGOV N22 (PVC) u-value of glass
0,5 W/m²K
SZYBA-HARTOWANA IGOV N22 (PVC) toughened pane
4 seals
NEO-VENT2 IGOV N22 (PVC) air inlet
KLAMKA-Z-KLUCZYKIEM IGOV N22 (PVC) handle with the lock
ExtraSecure, micro-ventilation
NAROZNIKI2 IGOV N22 (PVC) mounting corner
KAT-15-90_7 IGOV N22 (PVC) roof pitch
15-90 degrees

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55 x 78 cm, 55 x 98 cm, 78 x 98 cm, 78 x 118 cm, 78 x 140 cm, 114 x 118 cm



OKPOL - polish company with over 30 years of experience in the field of roof windows production. The company's offices and production plant are located in Skarbimierz - Osiedle Gmina (Commune), Opole Province. For over 30 years we have been taking care of the high quality products offered. We believe that quality and comfort are the result our client's lives are of a high standard. The OKPOL is a family company that does not lose motivation to make innovate. We know very well that the safety of your family is important to you, so we still want to protect it. We deliever windows to many countries in Europe and beyond. Each year we invest in equipment and modernization of machine parks, to deliver safe, comfortable and durable products to your home. The high quality of our products is confirmed by the attestations, certificates and diplomas we have obtained, awarded to the best producers in the industry. The OKPOL products are durable, reliable and easy to use. Everyone will find a product for themselves in the rich and varied offer. Our windows have a 10-years warranty. Get to know our products and see for yourself that it is worth investing in domestic products, which are recognized throughout Europe.