OKPOL – Roof Hatch Versa WVD

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Wooden roof hatch WVD +

The access hatch is integrated with a vapor permeable collar.
WVD + double-glazed hatch, for unused rooms – unheated.


GLASS PACKAGE WVD + 86x86 double glazing
WOODWORK_WOOD_8 WVD + 86x86 type of joinery
– glued pine wood
KOLNIERZ-AKP WVD + 86x86 improves the anti-moisture insulation thanks to the tight connection of the access roof with the roof membrane
integrated vapor-permeable collar
VARIABLE-OPEN DIRECTION_.SKRZ_ WVD + 86x86 they enable changing the direction of opening the sash to the right and left side, even after the hatch is installed in the
BUTYL-ON-IN-AIR-FAR. WVD + 86x86 provides a tight and durable connection with the roofing
epdm apron
GUTTER-DRAINAGE WVD + 86x86 improves insulation by draining moisture beyond the outline of the access
drainage gutter
ROOF-BRACKET WVD + 86x86 it facilitates tight installation of the access in the roof slope.
the tile bracket
LIMIT-CLOSING-DOOR LEAF WVD + 86x86 opening limiter prevents slamming of the leaf
WEDGE-SEALING_9 WVD + 86x86 seals the side connections of the hatch with the roof with a
sealing wedge
HANDLE-OPENINGS WVD + 86x86 locks the sash in 3 positions with
a handle
COLLAR-SEALING_7 WVD + 86x86 ensures tight installation in the roof slope,
an integrated sealing flange with an ecological epdm apron
KAT-15-65_9 WVD + 86x86 installation angle
15-65 degrees

The kit includes:

  • leaf opening limiter
  • universal hinges – change of opening direction
  • handle locking the sash in 3 positions
  • chimney bar
  • side opening, right or left side opening

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47 X 73 cm, 80 x 80 cm



OKPOL - polish company with over 30 years of experience in the field of roof windows production. The company's offices and production plant are located in Skarbimierz - Osiedle Gmina (Commune), Opole Province. For over 30 years we have been taking care of the high quality products offered. We believe that quality and comfort are the result our client's lives are of a high standard. The OKPOL is a family company that does not lose motivation to make innovate. We know very well that the safety of your family is important to you, so we still want to protect it. We deliever windows to many countries in Europe and beyond. Each year we invest in equipment and modernization of machine parks, to deliver safe, comfortable and durable products to your home. The high quality of our products is confirmed by the attestations, certificates and diplomas we have obtained, awarded to the best producers in the industry. The OKPOL products are durable, reliable and easy to use. Everyone will find a product for themselves in the rich and varied offer. Our windows have a 10-years warranty. Get to know our products and see for yourself that it is worth investing in domestic products, which are recognized throughout Europe.